The Wolfishar general election, 2001 was the third multiparty election in Wolfishar.

Major party campaignsEdit

New Left PartyEdit

The New Left Party continued the campaign strategy used in 1997.

Reform PartyEdit

The Reform Party campaigned on tax issues.

Social Liberal PartyEdit

The Social Liberal Party continued the campaign strategy used in 1997, additionally continuing the former Youth Party's accusations that the Reform Party rigged the results in Croxton.

Minor party campaignsEdit

New Communist PartyEdit

The New Communist Party campaigned on promoting a socialist economy and the slogan "We still have a voice"

Agrarianist PartyEdit

The Agrarianist Party continued the campaign strategy used in 1997.


Party Leader Leader's seat Candidates Seats before Seats after Difference
New Left Party Tony Barnes Wolfshire City, Urban 20 17 19 +2
Reform Party Michael Hammond Croxton 20 1 1 0
Social Liberal Party Charlie Kennes Ran in Wolfshire City, Suburban; lost seat 20 2 0 -2
New Communist Party Michael Gorbsky Ran in Wolfshire City, Urban; did not win seat 1 0 0 0
Agrarianist Party Andy Grains Ran in Farmlands; did not win seat 1 0 0 0


  • Prime Minister: Tony Barnes, New Left
  • Leader of the Opposition: Michael Hammond, Reform
  • Speaker: John Barkston, New Left

Elections before and afterEdit

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