Melancholia is a doom/drone project formed in 2009. It has only one member.


  • Demo (2009, Self Released)
  • Art of Melancholia (2010, Melancholic Records MR001CD)
  • Life of a Friend Pt. 1 (2011, Melancholic Records MR002CD)
  • The Rest of a Life of a Friend (2011, Melancholic Records MR003CD)
  • Spilt with Sunn O))) (2012, Southern Lord)
  • Macabre (2012, Southern Lord)
  • Split with Oathean (2012, Melancholic Records MR004CD)
  • Life of a Friend Complete (2012, Southern Lord)


Tour Other bands Countries Time
First shows N/A UK 2009
Tour of Melancholia N/A UK, United States, Germany 2010
First Tour of a Friend N/A Canada 2011
Second Tour of a Friend Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine UK, Canada 2011-2012
Supporting Sunn O))) Tour Sunn O))), Nadja United States, Canada 2012
Defend the Shores Tour Oathean South Korea, United States 2012

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