This is a list of friendly matches that were played by England Unofficial, the world's first Minifoot team, including the first ever minifoot match against United Ireland Unofficial in 2010.

England Unofficial vs. United Ireland UnofficialEdit

England Unofficial

Kit used by England Unofficial

England Unofficial 0-2 United Ireland Unofficial
United Ireland minifoot

Kit used by United Ireland Unofficial

Wasser's garden

Attendancy: 6

West London Auties vs. England UnofficialEdit

United Kingdom home

Kit used by West London Auties

England Unofficial

Kit used by England Unofficial

West London Auties 0-8 England Unofficial

School hall with grass turf

Attendancy: 20

Miniature Stuff vs. England UnofficialEdit

Miniature Stuff home

Kit used by Miniature Stuff

Miniature Stuff 1-0 England Unofficial
England Unofficial

Kit used by England Unofficial

Northern Border Grounds

Attendancy: 70

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