Darkness of Our Culture is the first full length studio album by Alan Soupman. It was released through Metropolis Records in 2006.

Darkness of Our Culture

Studio album by Alan Soupman




Industrial rock, darkwave



Following release

Isolation (2007)


1.Farewell Shoreditch Station (Non album single) (2005)

2. Fear (2006)


Alan started playing industrial darkwave after the split up of his band East London Line. His first release as a solo artist was the single Farewell Shoreditch Station, and in 2006 was signed to Metropolis Records for the single "Fear" and all releases following it.

Track listingEdit

  1. Fear
  2. Stalk
  3. A Deal with Death Medicine
  4. Move Away
  5. DLR Stabbings
  6. Wrong Territory
  7. Darkness of Our Culture
  8. The Cult
  9. Invasion
  10. The Threat

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