Autie Records is a record label set up by Craziness in 2010 after their single Please Live forced Spoon Records to shut down the month before.

Release historyEdit

AR001CDS Craziness - Internet/Solitude (2010)

AR002CD Craziness - Considered (2010)

AR003CDS Craziness - Farewell, I'm Off To Industrial (2011)

AR004CDS €uroband - I am Truth, You Are Not (2011)

AR005CD €uroband - €uroband (2011)

AR006CD Craziness - Craziness (2011)

AR007CD Wasser - Ende von Welt (2011)

AR008CDS Wasser - Blut der Pferde (2011)

AR009CD/DVD Wasser - Alte Zeit CD DVD (2011)

AR010CDS €uroband - Atlantic (2012)

AR011CD €uroband - Man Will Cause Its Own Extinction (2012)

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