ADHD Rally Championship is an international rally championship held since 2006. It is linked to autism and ADHD charities.


The idea for the ADHDRC was born from the Ickenham Rally for Autism, a short rally that was held 2 years before. After gaining support from the MSA and various charities, its first season was held in 2006. Its first international rounds were raced in 2007. Since 2010, international rounds have been a lot more common.



  • Ickenham Rally for Autism (2006)
  • ADHD Rally Pinner (2007-2008)
  • Rally California (2007-present)
  • Colin McRae Memorial Stages (2007)
  • Rally of Ruislip (2006-present)
  • Rally Northolt (2006)
  • Washington Rally (2013-present)
  • West Key Rally of Florida (2013-present)
  • Dutch Rally (2013-present)
  • Ontario Rally (2007-2009)
  • Rally of Alberta (2010-present)
  • Swedish Southern Rally (2011-present)

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